Maybe, then things will change..

Maybe this is what we needed..
A halt in this life..
Silence in between the uproar.
Maybe this is what we wanted..
To spend an afternoon while watching the trees shedding their leaves,
And twirling its branches in a fine Spring afternoon.
But, this is different.

we all are here..
We are being quarantined from the world…
Caged in our own homes,
Afraid to even breathe in the same air.
It is terrifying.
Some of us are alone more than ever.
Watching sunrise and sunsets from the balcony..
And praying while one more day ends.

Maybe this phase was destined for all of us.
To find the lost compassion inside us.
To find ourselves more ever than before.
The whole world is praying and healing together..
More ever than before.

This time will restore our faith in the world we have..
this time we will feel closer without proximity.
This time we will find ourselves in between the distances.
Maybe, then things will change.