Night Tales…

I remember how the night has always been my refuge; how even during my darkest times it illuminated my soul. I still remember the days when I used to stand still while staring into the nothingness of sky for hours. It used to calm me even when I wasn’t even aware of the feeling of having a ball of fire inside. I always thought this darkness has all the answers which I wanted to know.

Every night was a story for me, with or without stars. Even those twinkling little lights never took away my attention. I enjoyed the night even when it was filled with darkness or bathed in the white light. The only thing remains constant that still during my hard times, I don’t want a night to end.

I still remember during my childhood, I used to frame stories in my head while staring at the windows of every house around me. I still do it often. It feels like by writing my version of their story, I get connected to them more than I would have done by interacting. It is weird though. I love staring at those dimly lit windows in the night. It just gives my imagination a feather which I suppose will never get when everything is precise and clear.

In the night, the sky looks more happier and serene to me. It intensifies the beauty. Even the darkness glows more in the night. It has a place for everyone. It accepts everyone and let them be their own versions. There is no need to pretend and put the mask to get fit into this world. It will accept you in your purest form and even let you discover your darker self.

I love looking at the deserted places and abandoned buildings as if they are waiting for my presence. Sometimes, I feel these nights wants to tell me a story that no one has ever heard. Still today, whenever I feel my thoughts are confiscating me, I let myself dwell into the darkness of night. I let myself sink into the music it offers. And then I exactly know what I want from this life.I want to wake up and face every day, I will fight all the battles for these beautiful nights.