An ideal world..?

With each passing day, it is growing stronger…
But last night..
there was numbness…
Unsure about everything..
A feeling that you despise from years..
Is it now on the verge of bringing hurricanes of emotions?

Cried harder..
Shrieking with pain..
while watching thousands of faces and stories which you want to stay hidden?
It makes you uncomfortable…
It changes your idea of this world..
It questions everything….
And every ideal story you’ve heard.

But,You can’t change this world.
Can you?
You can’t shake the truth.
Can you?
So you lost yourself in the facade of fake happiness.
But despite everything it does hurt you?
Isn’t it?

you do get connected with those lifeless faces..
You try to find stories in their eyes..
And then you hesitate to expose your emotions..
You wanted to be the part of their life.

You are trapped inside your own darkness.
A dark side which you wanted to stay hidden.
Because it makes them uncomfortable..
And it is not the idea of the world they wanted.

I will rise again..

You may snatch my breath and tear my life apart.
You may try to stop the beating of my fetal heart.
You may try to end my existence inside the womb.
But my friend! I will rise again.

You may try to burn my wings and lock me down in the cage.
You may throttle my pride and suppress me with your rage.
You may try to shove me inside the dark.
But you can’t stop me from rising again.

Does it hurt to see me evolve?
Does my one brave step cause your fall?
Does my wild laughter outshines your individuality?
Or does it force you to bend down your morality?

All these years,
I tried to save me from your prying eyes.
I tried to act normal while you were gazing between my thighs.
But now, no more!
Gag me, bruise me or burn me..
I will breathe again from those ashes.
You may end this life,
But I will rise again.